La lettre de novembre 2021 du réseau européen des familles LGBT+ NELFA Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations

La lettre de novembre 2021 du réseau européen des familles LGBT+ NELFA Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations

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NELFA Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations
Indeed, it took some time: However, NELFA's 18th newsletter is out! And you get again various information about recent activities in our Network and important news about LGBTIQ* families, allies and supporters. Enjoy reading!
BRUSSELS, 15 NOVEMBER 2021: Yes, we exist! It just take a little bit longer to produce a review for the community - free time is rare for rainbow families in the pandemic... Strange months lay behind us. Twenty years after the first same-sex marriages in the Netherlands we still fight for more equality - at least with positive results, for example in Switzerland. Congratulations for this success! The same applies to activists in France who fought for an access to reproductive techniques (lesbian couples and single women) and won. And you will see (in this newsletter) many other steps forward - in Finland, Germany, Ireland, Croatia or Sweden. On the other hand, rainbow families in Russia are treated as delinquent outsiders (and must flee), governments in Poland, Hungary and other countries spread hate and use the LGBTIQ* topic for their own political goals. And we experience violence, because people (kind of frustrated) may feel that they are allowed to destroy rainbow hubs, like recently in Bulgaria. Yes, we exist and we continue with our efforts to ensure that our children and families will be protected, recognised, and treated adequately!

From petitions to decisions? NELFA still calls - quite successfully - for a better cross-border recognition of rainbow families within the EU
. In March 2021, the Network and allies contributed to a workshop on “LGBTI+ rights in the EU”. On the same occasion, Prof. Alina Tryfonidou and Prof. Robert Wintemute presented their new study on "Obstacles to the Free Movement of Rainbow Families in the EU”. You find a short NELFA presentation here. In July, the European Parliament's Committee on Petitions then called Member States for upholding EU rights of rainbow families. Read the full press release. And, in September, the steady calls led to a corresponding resolution in the Parliament. The EU Commission is motivated to draft a legislative proposal concerning the mutual recognition of rainbow families (birth certificates) until autumn 2022. NELFA accompanies the procedure as "observer" in an expert group. (graphic: NELFA, photo: Robin van Lonkhuijsen, ANP/AFP)


NELFA is still waiting for a judgment in the case "Baby Sara", pending at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg.
It's about a lesbian couple (women from Bulgaria and Gibraltar) and their daughter who is now stateless for nearly two years. You can find more information here. One of the couple's lawyers is NELFA Board member Denitsa Lyubenova from Deystvie in Bulgaria. After a hearing in February 2021, the General Advocate issued an opinion in April. Read a joint press release. However, the ECJ hasn't decide yet. Another case of an Irish-Polish couple is still blocked because of the pending decision on "Baby Sara".


NELFA contributed to the new EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child
with a joint submission (Board member Fabien Gaudry). It was adopted in March 2021. The Strategy aims to protect and promote the rights of children and build the best possible life for them both in the EU and across the world. LGBTIQ* children and those living in rainbow families are mentioned several times, especially the obstacles in cross-border situations. Unfortunately, the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council failed to adopt conclusions on the strategy in October. Read a statement of the LGBTIQ* youth organisation IGLYO. (graphic: NELFA with EU, ILGA)

was official partner of WorldPride & Eurogames, Copenhagen 2021. It was an amazing time in Denmark's August, with many occasions for the Network to present rainbow family topics. We took part in a Human Rights Conference, had our own Break Out Sessions and Søren Laursen from LGBT komiteen represented NELFA in the 1:1 Democracy festival. Highlight was the seminar “Securing access to all parents for children of LGBTI families". (photo: Copenhagen 2021)



NELFA's Annual General Meeting 2021 was held online (13 March), due to the corona pandemic, like in 2020.
We welcome new Board members from Italy (Micaela Ghisleni, Margherita Leonelli, Famiglie Arcobaleno) and Malta (Christina Zammit La Rosa, MGRM). At the same time, we say Good-bye and THANK YOU to those who can’t continue (Giovanni Fantoni, Elaine Micallef, Giuseppina La Delfa and - in summer - Fabien Gaudry)! In the picture: the AGM participants in support of the Hungarian initiative #acsaládazcsalád. The next AGM will hopefully take place in Poznań, from 25-27 March 2022. (photo: Giovanni Fantoni, graphic: NELFA)



NELFA welcomes wholeheartedly its new member organisations
! The LGBTI+ staff of the EU institutions in Brussels - Égalité - joined the Network as supporting member. Égalité was set up in 1993 for the purpose of combating any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics. Currently, the group is i.e. active in awareness-raising within the workplace and adressing the needs of rainbow families. A new full member from Cologne in Germany is named "Fachstelle Regenbogenfamilien NRW". It's the new family branch of the Queer Network in North Rhine-Westphalia. (graphic: NELFA)



BARCELONA, 12 March 2021: NELFA Board members were interviewed by Luca Tancredi Barone who works at Orgull Radio, an LGBTIQ* broadcaster. They talked about their home countries, the legal situation and the struggles for rainbow families. You can listen to the podcasts: Eleni Maravelia (FLG, Spain), Dominique Boren (apgl, France), Björn Sieverding (LSVD, Germany). (graphic: NELFA and Orgull)



POZNAN, 19 March 2021: NELFA’s Board member Joanna Śmiecińska and her organisation FTR (Fundacja Tęczowe Rodziny) in Poland organised a webinar in the framework of an EU-funded project. It was about the current legal situation of LGBTIQ* parents and their kids in Europe. The special focus was on the perspective of the children who still face discrimination. NELFA gave comprehensive input on “Children’s Rights at Stake”. You can find the presentation here. (graphic: FTR)



ATHENS, 08 April 2021: NELFA President Eleni Maravelia shared her expertise on rainbow families in a Greek capacity building seminar, conducted at the National Center for Welfare in Attica. It was entitled “Same-sex parenting for the best interests of the child”. NELFA's long-standing supporting member in Greece, Oikogeneies Ouranio Tokso, contributed, too. Read more. (photo: Eleni Maravelia)



BRUSSELS, 15 April 2021: The liberal political group in the European Parliament, Renew Europe, organised a webinar, entitled “Improving the rights of Rainbow Families across Europe”. It was organised by MEP Liesje Schreinemacher (VVD, The Netherlands) and Sandro Gozi (Renaissance, Italy/France). NELFA Board member Björn Sieverding contributed with a new presentation on current cross-border struggles within the EU. See the webinar here. (graphic: Renew Europe)



GENEVA, 02 May 2021: The International Family Equality Day - #IFED2021 – was held once again all around the world. In record-breaking 214 cities in 67 countries, rainbow families, friends and allies joined forces to promote equal rights and celebrate the uniqueness of each family. Participating for the first time this year were Turkey, Vietnam, Latvia, Uzbekistan and Eritrea. Read more. Next year's motto will be "Equality is Everybody's Business". On 14th of May, NELFA celebrated the International Day of Families. This year, our German full member LSVD invited rainbow families to take part in a cosy online meeting. LGBTIQ* parents from Ireland, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Croatia and Germany explained their current situation. You can see it here. And ILGA-Europe published an additional article on the occasion. (graphics: IFED Network, Dugine obitelji; photo: Björn Sieverding)



KARLSRUHE, 26 May 2021:
NELFA’s supporting member organisation ILSE in Germany (Baden-Württemberg) has a very interesting and dedicated online format for discussions, entitled "Themen ILSE". This time, it was about “Rainbow Families in Europe”. LGBTIQ* parents from Zagreb and Prague shared their experiences and the NELFA Board gave an overview. Read more (in German) (graphic: NELFA)



LYON, 11 June 2021:
The television network euronews (author Ian Smith), headquartered in France, published an article on rainbow families in Europe. NELFA Board members Eleni Maravelia, Björn Sieverding and individual member Alina Tryfonidou were able to contribute! Read more. (photo: Mark Boss/Unsplash)


ZAGREB, 02-06 October 2021:
We are very happy that our Erasmus+ project "Rainbow Families 2020 - Together for a Better Future" continued – after a long corona-break! Seven participants from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina took part at a training course “Strategic Management”, organised by NELFA’s partner In Dialogue! Read more. If you would like to take part in the project, you have still the possibility to apply. Just write an E-Mail to: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.. (photo: Daniel Martinovic)



BRUSSELS, 23 October 2021:
NELFA and the LGBTIQ* platform All Out have relaunched their campaign on free movement rights for rainbow families within the EU. LGBTIQ* parents and their children still experience difficulties when crossing borders, familial ties cease to exist, children sometimes remain stateless. We want to convince the European Union to realise the mutual recognition of civil status documents like birth or marriage certificates. Read more. (graphic: All Out)



BRUSSELS, 05-07 November 2021
: NELFA attended the conference of "Men Having Babies". The nonprofit organisation (USA) is dedicated to providing gay men with support to achieve parenthood through surrogacy. NELFA and its national members "Homoparentalités" (Belgium), "apgl" (France) and "Meer Dan Gewenst" (The Netherlands) offered information on rainbow families and took part at a discussion about misconceptions and stereotypes around surrogacy, and resulting stigmas that face European families. Read more. (photo: Dominique Boren)



GENEVA/HELSINKI, 09 February 2021:
It’s a success for our NELFA member Sateenkaariperheet ry in Finland. In a recent decision, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child underlines the primacy of the child’s best interests in an asylum case concerning a boy in a rainbow family from Russia! Finally, Finland will have to provide him with reparation. It’s the first time that the Committee decided in a case like this. NELFA was also involved in a third party intervention. Read more in a Finnish reaction and ILGA-World’s press release. (graphic: Sateenkaariperheet ry)



BUCHAREST, 09 March 2021: Authorities in Romania continue violating their obligations under EU law by refusing to recognise free movement rights. EU citizen Adrian Coman and his spouse Claiburn Hamilton (USA) took their case (decided three years ago at the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg) to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Read the press release. At least, some months later, NELFA's member Asociatia Accept could book a success: The ECtHR found a violation of Romanian authorities (June). The case concerned a threatening protest against a screening of a film involving a same-sex family in 2013. ILGA-Europe issued a press release with further information. (photos: ILGA-Europe, CoE)



BRUSSELS, 11 March 2021: The European Parliament adopted the “Declaration of the EU as an LGBTIQ* Freedom Zone! It’s a clear reaction on “LGBT-free zones” in Poland and worrying (legal) backlashes in other EU countries. Many thanks go to the EP’s Intergroup on LGBTI Rights and their powerful campaign. NELFA also participated via social media. Read the Intergroup’s press release. (graphic: NELFA)



VATICAN, 15 March 2021: The Catholic Church won't bless a "sin". Same-sex unions would be a "choice" and a "way of life" that cannot be recognised as "objectively ordered" to the plans of God. The Pope approved the decision by the CDF, saying it was "not intended to be a form of unjust discrimination, but rather a reminder of the truth of the liturgical rite". However, priests i.e. in Germany want to continue blessing same-sex couples. Read more. (photo: BBC/Getty Images)



STOCKHOLM, 18 March 2021: Automatic co-parent recognition through marital presumption will be law in Sweden from 2022 - ending discrimination against same-sex couples and trans people! Read the press release of NELFA's member RFSL. It was issued after the government's proposal. In the meantime, the Parliament voted in favour of the new legislation. However, presumed parenthood can be annulled if the child came into being via home insemination or assisted conception abroad with an unknown donor. For the latter, the investigations are ongoing. Perhaps, there will be a new regulation in summer 2022. At the moment, the non-biological parents concerned need to adopt their child(ren). Read more. (photos: RFSL)



CELLE, 24 March 2021: Good news for lesbian couples in Germany! So far, the non-biological mother still needs to apply for stepchild adoption to become a legal parent, while married men are just presumed to be the father. A court in Celle (near Hannover) found that this is unconstitutional. Now, the Supreme Court in Karlsruhe (BverfG) has to decide. Read more. Only one day later, a similar decision came from Berlin. In July, the District court in Munich decided in favour of two mothers and their (direct) legal co-parenthood. In the child's best interest, the familial ties were recognised after UK law (the non-biological mother has also British citizenship). Read more (in German). (graphic: Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte, photo: Canva)



CORK, 31 March 2021: A lesbian couple has become the first in Ireland to be officially recognised as co-parents of children. The occasion is a monumental point in LGBTIQ* history of the country. Read more. Meanwhile, the initiative “Equality for children” has started a petition to fill the existing gaps (recent article), as pointed out by a children’s rights expert. Read more. (photo: Chandni Ganesh)



LAUSANNE, 16 April 2021: The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland decided on a rainbow family case. A lesbian couple broke up and the biological mother didn’t want her partner to see the child again. But the Court decided in favour of the second mother and in the best interests of the child. Read more. In Germany (Brandenburg an der Havel), a court ruled in November that the non-biological mother needs to pay alimony after separation from her partner (for the well-being of the child). Read more (in German). (photo: Dachverband Regenbogenfamilien)



ZAGREB, 05 May 2021: The Administration Court decided on a non-discriminatory procedure in the adoption system of Croatia. Means: same-sex couples should have the right to jointly apply for an adoption. For NELFA Board member Daniel Martinovic (Dugine obitelji) this was a historic judgment. Read the press release (in Croatian). Other countries in the Balkan reagion are still lacking similar LGBTIQ* family rights. At least, in Montenegro, the first lesbian couple was able to celebrate its civil union in July. Read more (in German). In Kosovo, the government has been developing its first ever Civil Code. And the EP's Intergroup on LGBTI Rights is asking for inclusive efforts (in particular same-sex partnerships). Read more. (photo: Digune obitelji)



BUDAPEST, 15 June 2021: Despite thousands of protesters, and a petition signed by more than 100,000 people, the Hungarian Parliament passed the propaganda law, thus banning LGBTIQ*-themed educational programs, products, and advertising for persons under 18 years of age. Read a press release of our member Háttér and an article. At least, a great part of Hungarian society supports the rainbow family movement. The initiative Szivárványcsaládokért Alapítvány has won a civic price for their campaign, it was handed over in mid of September. (photos: Háttér Society)



VADUZ, 16 June 2021: The Supreme Court in Liechtenstein decided that the ban on (stepchild or second parent) adoption for same-sex couples is unconstitutional. A gay man wanted to adopt his partner’s son – but this is/was forbidden according to the civil union law of the Principality. Read more (in German). (photo:



PARIS, 29 June 2021: NELFA is delighted by this decision! After a long back and forth, the French Parliament finally approved the new bioethics law – including the access for lesbian couples and single women to assisted reproductive techniques. From now, both mothers can appear on the child’s birth certificate. Conditions are: a previous statement with a notary and the okay by the intended birth mother (before entering into the ART process). Read more. (photo: Dominique Boren)



STRASBOURG, 06 July 2021: In a landmark judgment, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled in favour of a trans woman in Moscow (A.M. and Others v. Russia) who was denied access to her children because of her gender identity and transition. The ECtHR found a violation of Art. 8 (right to private and family life) and Art. 14 (prohibition of discrimination). Read more. You can read also a corresponding blog article (written by ILGA-Europe). (photo: EPA-EFE/Patrick Seeger)



MOSCOW, 16 August 2021: Author Lawrence Shimel is known for cute children's books in many different languages. A recent one "Early one morning" is quite successful in getting publicity. The authorities in Russia labled it with an "18+" - in defence to the country's so called "gay propaganda law". In July, the authorities in Hungary fined the publisher because it failed to "warn" parents about the "queer content". In Slovenia, a right-wing party (DOM) saw the need to boycott the book. However, in Germany, the initiative “100 % Mensch” wants to publish it and distribute it for free in Poland. To support the project, you can click here. In Lithuania, the children's book "Amber heart" (by Neringa Dangvyde Macate) was labelled as possibly harmful to children. Now, the case has reached the ECtHR in Strasbourg. Read more (photo 1: Lawrence Shimel, photo 2:



STRASBOURG, 17 September 2021: It’s another success for rainbow families! A lesbian mother from Poland was forced to give up custody rights because of her relationship to a woman after she got divorced from her husband. The European Court of Human Rights saw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. NELFA was partner in a third party intervention, together with FIDH, ICJ, KPH and ILGA-Europe. Read more. (photo: picture-alliance/NurPhoto/ B. Zawrel)



BERN, 26 September 2021: Congratulations to Switzerland! A law granting full marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples has been accepted by almost two-thirds of citizens (64 %) in a referendum. The result makes the country the 30th worldwide with marriage equality. Already in August, there was a big wedding event to push for the referendum. Read more. Unfortunately, the summer was full of attacks and the anti-movement misused pictures for a hate campaign. By the way... the Czech Republic seems to be the next one in Europe, as a recent poll reveals. In spring, the Intergroup on LGBTI Rights had sent a letter of support. And you can sign a corresponding campaign. In April, the current bill went from Parliament (Lower House) into the committees. Read more. (photo: Keystone, Peter Schneider)



VILNIUS, 29 September 2021: The National LGBT rights organisation LGL in Lithuania held an international conference – as part of the R.I.S.E. project with other activists from Latvia, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. The event addressed the legal and social issues of family diversity and the recognition of LGBTIQ* family rights. Read more. In May, the Lithuanian Parliament voted against a courageous civil union bill (without adoption rights). NELFA ally and MP Tomas Raskevicius promised a new trial. Read more. Some good news came from Riga (Latvia) in April. The Constitutional Court declared that the rule which requires a same-sex partner to pay higher state fee for the inheritance of the estate of their deceased partner than spouses pay, shall be abolished. Read more. (photos: LSM, AP, LGL)



MADRID, 05 November 2021: The health minister Darias from Spain has signed an order extending free fertility treatment, including IVF, to queer women, single cis women, trans and non-binary people (like in Catalonia already four years ago). While queer and single people were previously able to access publicly funded fertility treatments, in 2013 the conservative Popular Party rolled back this right. Read more. In Germany, two federal states started to sponsor fertility treatment (at least if medically indicated): Rhineland-Palatinate and Berlin. Unfortunately, a lesbian couple from Bavaria lost a court case to get funding for a fertility treatment (as heterosexual couples do when they use their own gametes). (photo: FELGTB)




DÜSSELDORF, 10 February 2021:
The service provider “LAG Regenbogenfamilien NRW” in Germany has created a new website for LGBTIQ* parents and their children with comprehensive information, a range of videos and other materials. It is an amazing source for professionals and families concerned. Read more. (graphic: LAG Regenbogenfamilien)

BARCELONA, 12 March 2021
: The broadcaster Orgull Radio has a great collection of interviews with LGBTIQ* people and families from all over world about their current lives. Here you can find a range of examples from Poland, Honduras, Switzerland, Greece, Israel, Argentina, Chili, Italy, Romania, Brazil, France, Mali, The Netherlands and Germany. (graphic:



22 March 2021: Transgender Europe (TGEU) has published a report about trans parenthood and freedom of movement in the EU. It is entitled “Stuck on the swing”. People concerned shared their grief, anxiety, and fear. The report also includes a set of key recommendations to support the current LGBTIQ Equality Strategy of the EU. (graphic: TGEU)



BRUSSELS, 22 March 2021:
A new study reveals the current problems of rainbow families in EU cross-border situations. And it shows how the EU institutions should find solutions. Prof. Alina Tryfonidou and Prof. Robert Wintemute evaluated a questionnaire among Member States in 2020. You can find the full study here and a NELFA summary of the key results. (graphic: EU)



LONDON, 04 May 2021
: Claims that the Bible condemns same-sex relationships are based on misinterpretations and mistranslations, a ground-breaking theological study has found. It was issued by the Wijngaards Institute, a British think tank producing research on controversial issues within Roman Catholic theology. Read more. (photo: Getty/ Lisa Maree Williams)



BRUSSELS, 17 May 2021:
ILGA-Europe’s annual Rainbow Europe Map and Index, ranking the legal and policy situation of LGBTIQ* people in 49 European countries, finds that over the past twelve months advances in LGBTIQ* rights have come to almost a complete standstill. And there were only a few legal changes for rainbow families. Read more. (graphic: ILGA-Europe)



BERLIN, 17 May 2021:
On the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia, TGEU launched its Trans Rights Map in English and Russian. It illustrates the legal situation of 49 countries in Europe and 5 in Central Asia. This year’s Trans Rights Map documents an alarming loss in rights when compared to 2020. In the section “family”, there are no changes. Read more. (graphic: TGEU)



NEW YORK, 09 June 2021:
Ipsos is the third largest Insights and Analytics company in the world. It published the LGBT+ Global Pride Survey 2021. It’s a very interesting overview about the rights of the community in the whole world. And it points to a wide generation gap around gender identity and sexual attraction. You can find also some data about views on marriage and parenting rights. Read more. (graphic: Ipsos)



COPENHAGEN, 20 August 2021:
On the occasion of Copenhagen 2021, NELFA’s member LGBT komiteen published an English translation of its compendium of inclusive family law. It contains an analysis of Danish family law and its shortcomings in relation to rainbow families. It enumerates 30 recommendations on amendments to the law. (photo: LGBT komiteen)



STRASBOURG, 07 September 2021:
The Council of Europe issued a new thematic factsheet focusing on the execution of judgments concerning the rights of LGBTIQ* persons. According to the Court of Human Rights, the principle of non-discrimination is “fundamental” and underpins the Convention along with the rule of law and the values of tolerance and peace. Read more. (photo: Council of Europe)



BELGRADE, 20 October 2021:
NELFA Board member Daniel Martinovic (Dugine obitelji) and other activists discussed the legal situation of rainbow families in the Balkan region during the Annual Conference (19-29 October 2021) of NELFA's full member ERA. The online workshop was entitled: "The changing reality of Rainbow Families in the Western Balkans and Turkey". The recorded session is here. (graphic: ERA)



BERLIN, 26 October 2021
: To mark Intersex Awareness Day, OII Europe and the Dutch NNID Foundation launched, talking about being intersex in Europe and the issues intersex people combat daily. The goal of the new website is to increase the knowledge on intersex human rights issues in Europe and contributing to the overarching goal of reaching more acceptance. (graphic: OII Europe)



NELFA’s member Galehi produced a film about the “normality” to be part of a rainbow family. Three young adults from Spain, raised up by LGBTIQ* parents, took the production, travelled to Copenhagen 2021, and presented the film. Read an article and see the film. (photo: Jesús Santos Homobono)
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